The 1813 Campaign

The Group decided for this year we would play a Campaign based on 1813 where we would do moves on aboard and then when battles ocurred, game those.

For the Campaign the sides are:

Allies(aka the Good Guys) Paul Weakley, Keith Gates and Terry Swain.

The French(aka Bad Dudes) are Robert Nieppert, Paul Goldstone and Alan Hollows.

Russell Briant is the God controlling the process of the campaign.

We are meeting every 2nd Monday at Russells house at moment, after the meeting Russ is sending out a report on the events of the meeting. One battle has occurred so far, and on June 3 there will be another played out.

As a Group we lack Russian and Prussian forces with some exceptions, so it has been an arms race to get units ready for battle. The plan is for 50 approx. Russian Bttns, 15 Cavalry Regts and many, many batteries to be generated. The Prussians are lagging but Paul G is making a personal visit to Calpe Towers whilst in UK in July to collect several brigades and bring them back! There will be reports on the progress of these armies soon.

Below is the campaign report to date. Updates will be posted as they occur.

Having issues saving some of the maps with the text boxes on them, will post and resolve when can.

But result of move is Davout moved up to support Reynier and attack Yorke south west of Breslau. Yorke got the jump and attacked Davout, some poor dice rolling from Alan meant that Reynier decided not to support Davout when he got attacked. A good result for the Prussians. So on June 3rd we will fight the resulting combat, the Prussians are outnumbered still, but should be a close contest.



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