The Battle for Blochers Knoll

On 28th Feb 2018 we played a small ACW game.

I chose this one to be Blochers Knoll, which is Gettysburg Day 1, around 3.30pm.

At around 3.30pm, Early’s Division launced his attack on Blochers Knoll which was occupied by Barlow’s1st Division of XI Division.

In the picture below is the initial set up.

The Union troops from bottom right are skirmishing behind fences on both sides of the road. They have support from Dilger’s battery and an arriving regt. On the base line Kryzanowski’s brigade is marching on. Von Gilsa’s brigade is on the knoll supported by several batteries with Ames brigade to his left.

The Confederates from the bottom right have skirmishers, then Doles brigade, across the stream in the woods are Gordon’s brigade with Jones artillery battalion to there rear. Hays brigade is moving through them to support Gordon’s attack.

Below the 157th NY with Dilger’s battery.The 68th NY is skirmishing on other side of the road.

The Rebel rear with Gordon’s brigade advancing to attack the knoll, with Jones artillery battalion providing support and Hay’s brigade arriving in support.

View of Dole’s brigade advancing through the orchard and fields towards flank of the knoll.

Von Gilsa’s brigade defending the knoll with Wilkeson’s battery in support. This brigade started the battle with all units having only stamina 2 instead of 3 due to not having recovered from previous battle. The left hand brigade is that of Ames.

The 68th NY now having a skirmishing shoot out with the 21st Ga, supported by Merkle’s battery.


Gordon’s brigade pours through the woods and stream towards Union lines.

The 4th and 12th Ga regts get to grips with Ames 107th Ohio.

Hay’s brigade moves up onto flank of Gordons’s to support attack through woods.

Back on Union right, Dole’s advance to middle continues.

Stray Union regt turns up, marching to sound of guns…..straight into a wall of rebel musketry and takes 2 casualties. The Union lines are bending and sustaining high casualties.

Gordon and Hays brigades are surging forward, Von Gilsa’s brigade is whupped and falling back.

Rebel lines advanced for flank, things not going well for Union.

54th NY not in an envious position, shot at from front and rear.

Hay’s troops surge around flank.

Confederate artillery continue to pound the knoll.

Union units pulling back whupped, they can only take 2 casualties to be shaken and brigade not broken.

Over on Union right both sides have taken loses and pulled back.

The Confederates are in control when game ended, Union brigades are broken and falling back. The battle weary troops of Von Gilsa’s brigade were not able to hold on against Early’s veterans.

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