The Flashman Project(part4) by Russell Briant

In the last episode I said I was looking for a miniature to represent Tommy Bryant, a toadying friend then cheated foe of the eventually to be Sir Harry. You will recall Tommy was noted for his sleight of hand and got his own back, and a punch to the nose, by palming incriminating playing cards into Flashy’s coat pocket.
I have since found a Reaper Miniatures figure called The Huxter in a local gaming store.

The Huxter

He’s probably a bit too tall and well-built for the description in the Flashman papers, and certainly not in the Hussar Garb I said I was looking for, but he is clearly playing cards so I purchased him. In my mind he, like our hero, has got himself to the New World to turn his skills into money (he was always skint, which was how Harry enticed him to assist with rigging the duel). It’s a dangerous occupation hence the need to carry very visibly one of Samuel Colt’s fine cap n’ ball revolvers.
To make him look a bit more the English gent, I gave him fashionable cavalry (or Sideburns now we are in the country and time of General Ambrose Burnside) whiskers and a top hat. Both use milliput. The base of the hat is a spare plastic hat from the Confederate infantry.
I keep thinking he looks like singer Nick Cave.
I initially painted him in evening dress, black coat, waistcoat and trousers, but he looked too much like an undertaker so I re-painted him in day-wear.
If I find a weedy looking British Hussar figure (so not a Front Rank giant then) on foot, I might paint another version.

Totally Honourable
Am about to start playing new samurai skirmish game, Test of Honour, by Warlord Games.
While I was waiting for my starter box to arrive I purchased some figures from Hasslefree Miniatures, Modern Martial Artists range. These are more whimsy, table-top colour than playing pieces.
On the left is Hanako, a tooled up Geisha, and on the right is sumo Tetsuhara.


I’m very please how both have painted up.

Lastly – Rooster joins the band.

When I painted up my Napoleonic French military band, I always had it in my head that I should include a rooster marching along with the Drum Major, but It’s taken a long time to find a suitable miniature.
This bird is out of the new Warlord Games Chickens and Geese set.

Job done.

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